The Young Church (Sunday School) is our programme of teaching and worship for children and young people. The Young Church leaders seek to nurture and develop the faith and understanding of our children through the means of story-telling, music and song, arts and crafts, and drama in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The Young Church meets each week throughout the year. Children are invited to gather in the hall before the worship service and to sit together at the front of the church, during worship where they spend the first 10-15 minutes before leaving for the hall and their own Young Church programme of worship and learning. There is always a time with the children during the main service, when the Minister or worship leader introduces the theme for that Sunday.
At the moment our programme is following a Bible-based set of materials called Roots. Roots follows the readings of the Revised Common Lectionary week by week, so that on most Sundays the Young Church will be learning about the same Scripture text as the grown-ups who remain in church for the sermon. We are always delighted to welcome new children to our group at any point throughout the year!