Unfortunately, when the Holy Rude was built in the centre of Stirling in the 15th century, no-one foresaw the future need to provide parking for the church in the 21st century!

As a result, parking at the church is extremely limited, and only staff members and the disabled are allowed to park their cars in the driveway up to the church and outside Cowane’s Hospital opposite the church entrance.

You are welcome however, to use the drive to drop passengers off at the church door before going to park your car elsewhere.

On Sunday mornings, parking for visitors to the church is available at the Old Town Jail (rear car park) on Spittal Street, just downhill from the church.

A limited amount of Public on-street parking is available not far from the church in Spittal Street, St John’s Street, Broad Street, St Mary’s Wynd, and a little further away in Baker Street and along Upper Castle Hill along the north side of Stirling Castle.

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