No. 4412008Michael Lynch : Stirling in the age of Mary, Queen of Scots:Two Coronations and a Baptism
No. 4422009Fiona Watson & Past Experience : The Crown and the Glory: Scottish Coronations from 1424 to 1567
No. 4432010Catherine Smith : James VI & Robert Burns or Warlocks and Witches and Lawyers' Tongues
No. 4442011Richard D Oram : A plague on your house: Famine, disease and environmental crisis in James VI's Scotland
No. 4452012Jenny Wormald : What happened when the King got wet? James VI , Stirling and the Kirk
No. 4462013Jamie Reid-Baxter & Sang Scule : Musick Fyne for Jamie the Saxt: the Sound of Ceremony at the Stewart Court
No. 4472014Edward J Cowan : James VI, Popular Sovereignty and Divine Right
No. 4482015Alasdair A. MacDonald : James VI and the Poets
No. 4492016Richard Fawcett : Stirling Holy Rude: its state by the reign of James V
No. 4502017Steven Reid : From Bairn to Bearded Man, the political apprenticeship of James VI, 1578-158
No. 4512018Jane Dawson : What was John Knox doing in the Holy Rude on 29 th July 1567?
No. 4522019Charles J Burnett : The Honours of Scotland
No. 4532020no event , due to global virus.
No. 4542021Astrid Stilma : Scotland and Europe : The writings of James VI as an International Project
No. 4552022Elizabeth Roads : The Heraldic Times of King James VI
No. 4562023Alison Cathcart : King James VI and I and his empire of islands
No. 4572024Theo Van Heijnsbergen : King James VI's own Queen Elizabeth
No. 4582025Rev David Stanton, Sub Dean : Four Hundredth Anniversary of the death of King James VI & I, at rest in Westminster Abbey